Juha Huovinen, CEO

Juha is the main customer contact. He is responsible of coordinating ideas and concepts between clients and technical staff. Juha has a background in sales and project management and he has completed his Master’s Thesis in Software Business at the University of Oulu.

E-mail: juha(at)ebrand.fi
Tel: +358 440 5544 16
Twitter: @JuhaHuovinen


Jukka Weissenfelt, SoMe / Project

Jukka manages ebrand’s projects with Juha. Also as a social media enthusiast, Jukka is passionate to learn about constantly developing Internet technologies and solutions. Jukka’s educational background is also from the University of Oulu, majoring Software Business.

E-mail: jukka(at)ebrand.fi
Tel: +358 440 5544 08
Twitter: @JukkaWe


Petri Paakkola, Design and technology

Petri is a leading web and application developer. In addition, he is a leading web/graphic designer with a deep understanding of the technologies crucial to build successful services for our customers. Petri is on his way to be a Master of Science in Computer Science within the year, specializing on intelligent systems.


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