Summer reading: Why do fans care about sports teams on Facebook?

Kirjoittaja: Jukka Weissenfelt

As midsummer has passed and the notoriously vacation-happy Finns are mostly at their cottages fishing for sausages in their saunas, the brave lads at ebrand soldier on. While sales are slow this time of year due to the work absence issues mentioned previously, we have been cranking away on the software front readying our newest product: the team roster application for Facebook.

The product was first launched for our local Football (the soccer kind) team OPS and it can be found on our display page, which includes some pretty pictures and a link to the actual application. While basking in our own feelings of accomplishment we realized that we actually created something quite cool that would be sure to find a happy home on the pages of other sports teams as well.

Fans these days expect interaction and information from their teams. Now, as far as I’ve figured out, the whole point of marketing sports teams is to generate revenue from ticket and merchandise sales. To achieve this, teams need to meet fan demands. These demands now include offerings on social media.

An example of this trend is how much positive feedback and publicity the LA Kings twitter feed gained during the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. As a result of their successful twittering, most NHL teams are now tweeting frequently, from their free agent signings to development and training camp news. What started out as a quirky campaign has turned into a trend, feeding the expectation that the fan base now has.

This all comes down to making the fans happy. As Yoda once said, happiness leads to ticket sales. The great thing about social media is that it’s not limited to giants in North America. It’s accessible and affordable for all teams. I think this is where our application finds its niche. Adding a functional environment where fans can see their team’s structure and check out their favorite players for free on Facebook is a pretty clear statement from the team to the fans. A message that says we appreciate you and your attention. And money.

Check out our page dedicated to the app here http://www.ebrand.fi/team/


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Julkaistu: 12.7.2012