In short

Spend time on Facebook? Your fans do. Offering your fans services and information on social media keeps them active and inquisitive about your team, its products, and tickets. It also makes you look like a bunch of nice guys.

ebrand created an environment where fans are able to check out the roster and player profiles of their favorite team on the team’s own Facebook-page. This service feeds the fans' expectations of information and accessibility from the team they spend their money to see. Meeting those expectations leads to fan happiness. Fan happiness leads to ticket and merchandise sales.

The application is available to teams according to their own logo and color specifications, with room left over for major sponsor logos.

Example implementation

The application can be seen in the links and pictures below:

» Example implementation in Facebook
» Blog post: Why do fans care about sports teams on facebook

About us

ebrand Suomi is a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media. We want to help our clients develop their brand visibility to meet the needs and expectations of a modern customer base. Successful visibility translates to the acquisition, satisfaction, and retention of customers, whether your market is on a local, national or global scale.

We have extensive experience in social media consultation and training, Facebook applications, Facebook and Twitter customization, web development, search engine optimization, web statistics and analytics. We make your products, promotions, offers, events, shops and websites visible, viral and successful.

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